Podiascan for Diabetic Foot Problems


High sugar levels in blood lead to a damage of the nerves and blood vessels of the feet. This damage leads to a decreased sensation in the feet over a period of time. The ability to fight infection is less in diabetic patients. The diabetic patient is at a higher risk of damage to the feet. Diabetic patients with ulcers on the feet take a long time to heal as the immunity system of a diabetic is compromised. Antibiotic medicines cannot reach the affected part of the body due to decreased blood flow. The wounds and ulcers take a lot of time to heal and in some cases, lead to amputation of the feet. Due to high risk factor involved, it is important for every diabetic to get a periodical foot exam. Podo Scan procedure is used to check the foot.

Podiascan for Diabetic Foot Problems is a periodic examination prescribed to all diabetic patients at the Green Apple Medical Center. A foot is the primary surface of interaction with the outside environment during locomotion. The Foot scan system provides an economical and efficient method to measure static /dynamic plantar foot pressure distribution.

A Podiascan is a simple procedure that assesses abnormalities of the nerves based on the plantar distribution of pressure. It also assesses deformity, infection, breakdown of skin, temperature, edema, ischemia, and callosities Apart from the Podo Scan patients also undergo tests like EZScan and SudoScan to evaluate the risk of peripheral diabetic neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy, and autonomic cardiac neuropathy.

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