Nutrition and Dietetic Services

Nutrition Service Providers in Muscat, Oman

Nutrition and Dietetic Services

Our medical center is the nutrition and dietetic service providers in Muscat, Oman. It has room for dietitians who work for patients and health care staff to promote diets for well being. The top dietitians offer best advice even for the patients based on the illness they are suffering. Other than this they advice general people on how to balance their diet and maintain their nutritional level. The dietitian specialists have designed range of tailor made chart to meet individual needs and let them live quality life.

General Dietetic Consultation in our care center involves:

  • Medical Nutrition Diet - This is the diet to support patients suffering from liver disease, cardiac arrest, stroke kidney problem and many other problems.
  • Weight Management Diet - Those planning to loss weight or maintain weight follow this diet.
  • Community Diet - This is diet practiced by children, teenagers, and pregnant ladies.

Regularly seminars in our private hospitals are conducted to create awareness among people and promote healthy diet, cooking tips. You will experience and enjoy the talk and learn how to be fit with the right diet. This will improve the patient’s health quality and all people in general.

The doctors and surgeons recommend highly trained dietitian who are experts in variety of areas and personal interest. They teach you to improve healthy eating habits and replace nutritional losses with the chart and recipes offered by them.

The Nutrition Consultants aim to offer services such as:

  • Reduce patient from burden with diet related diseases.
  • They work with disciplinary team to offer best nutrition support or patient care.
  • The professionals also suggest medical nutrition therapy for patients. This will help the doctor to progress in their treatment. You can contact our center by searching Dietetic Service Providers near me for best method of effective diet at reasonable prices.

Dietetic Service Providers in Muscat, Oman
Nutrition and Dietetic Services Near Me in Muscat, Oman