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Hematology Lab Tests Price in Muscat Oman

Hematology Lab Tests

At Green Apple Medical Center, we have all facilities for Hematology Lab tests in Muscat, Oman. It involves complete blood test such as blood count, hemoglobin level, blood sugar, blood cholesterol etc. The best hematologists focus on lymphatic organs and bone marrow to diagnose blood count and platelet irregularities. They also test the organs that are fed by blood cells such as spleen, thymus, lymphoid tissue, and lymph nodes. The top expert hematologists work together with experts in medical and surgical field.

Test Centers commonly conduct and help to detect anemia, blood cancers, immune system disorders, clotting problems and infections if any at affordable price.

Some of the tests are:

  • Blood enzyme test
  • Blood chemistry test
  • Test to asses heart disease
  • Leukemia
  • Anemia
  • Inflammation

A complete blood count test is conducted in our private hospital under Hematology Blood Test in Muscat Oman, such as white blood cells, platelets, red blood cells and components of blood are collected to produce a perfect report. Further with the report produced by the team will be helpful for the doctors to treat the patients. We also offer full range of diagnostic study and therapies available in modern technology.

The services rendered by our specialized hematologist who help to diagnose any kind of infection by blood. Cost effective hematological test by high trained health care providers who are qualified for the same. They know the procedures involved in the test based on the study. We have our own blood bank to serve the patients immediately.

The test helps us the doctors from further complication due to illness. Complete diagnosis of infection and leukemic disorders is well monitored by our staff. It in turn helps to indicate and evaluate many conditions, inflammation and anemia and find out best way to treat it. We offer hematologic services even to children. The doctors will address problems by diagnosing the levels of WBC, RBC, blood vessels, bone marrow.

Hematology Blood Test Services in Muscat Oman
Hematology Lab Tests Centre in Muscat Oman