Endocrinology Test

Endocrinology Test Price in Muscat Oman

Endocrinology Test

Green Apple Medical Center is the best provider of Endocrinology Tests in Muscat, Oman. The test involves in diagnosis and treating conditions of hormone problems. The endocrine disorders are diagnosed with the symptoms like stomach issues, fatigue, skin changes, dehydration etc. Top skilled Endocrinologists are hired in our clinic to treat the patients. We are named as best Endocrinology Department in Muscat, Oman.

Some of the Endocrinology Tests are :

  • Bone density test
  • CRH Stimulation test
  • 24 hour urine collection test
  • Oral Glucose tolerance test
  • ACTH Stimulation test
  • Glucose test for diabetes

We are the test center for endocrinology which is an effective system at affordable cost controls hormones and the staffs are skilled to treat diseases related to glands. The hormones released will affect metabolism, weight, cholesterol levels, muscle strength, functioning of heart and nervous system. The Endocrinologist gives correct report to treat the patients at the right time. They know to control the hormonal imbalance that your body makes.

At our private hospital, the patients are offered Endocrinology Test services at reasonable prices. The common disease of the endocrine system includes mellitus and thyroid disorders. The doctors will direct the patients to the endocrinology department for taking test. The report of the test will lead to further treatment. At our medical center, we treat the patient with following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Endocrine disorders in children
  • Heart problems
  • Adrenal disorders
  • Bone Heath

Endocrinology focus on hormone and many glands and tissues that creates problems. It involves wide range of system within the human body and that requires recovery through proper treatment. Infants are also treated who are born with hormonal problems that will lead to wide range of health issues. You can search for top endocrinology department near me and can find us in the priority list. Contact us to take appointment for the endocrinology disorders and we will give our best to treat you with endocrine system tests.

Endocrinology Test Services in Muscat Oman
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