ECG Test


ECG Test

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is the test of recording complete activity of the heart. At our center we have experts to find out the risk factors for heart diseases by ECG. We offer ECG test services in Muscat, Oman through the signals are recorded with the help of electrical signals. It helps to look at the heart rate and identify the problem. It is the simple test with the ten electrodes used to record different views of heart’s activity. The electrodes are attached to each ankle and wrist. It records the working condition of the heart. The processes involved are painless and cost effective which does not affect the patient.

ECG is done for the following reasons:

  • If heart beat is irregular.
  • If the patients find problem in heart.
  • If heart is enlarged.
  • If blood supply is improper.
  • To check if there is heart attack symptoms.
  • If the patient faces chest pain.

The staffs involved in the ECG test centre in Muscat Oman in our clinics are top skilled and experienced in the same field. We apply latest techniques in this area to record exact heart rate and rhythm. The test will help in lowering your risk by providing immediate solution at reasonable price. The machine monitors the electrical activity of the heart and thus we can detect the cardiovascular disease. The report is produced to the doctor for further treatment by the test centers.

The medical center checks for the symptoms which have risk factor such as heart disease, chest pain, shortness of breath and drive them to measurable test. The test may take your time of five to ten minutes. It will give your clear picture of the problem suffered by the patient. The services are done in a fast track to treat the patient immediately. The center can be located and reached which is near you.

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