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Biochemistry Lab Tests Price in Muscat Oman

Biochemistry Lab Tests

Green Apple Medical Center is the best place for Biochemistry Lab Tests in Muscat, Oman. Facilitated with instruments and offers extensive range of testing services to all departments in the center. It is the test centers generally concerned with analysis of bodily fluid for diagnostic purpose at affordable price.

Some of the tools used in Biochemistry Lab Tests are:

  • X-ray machine
  • Refrigerated centrifuge
  • Liquid chromatography apparatus
  • Circular Dichroism spectrometer
  • Spin spectrometer
  • Varian 43-GC with 220-ms

The Biochemistry lab centre in the clinic is fully equipped to conduct scientific research. The staff performs top range of biochemical tests in blood, serum and bio fluids by using the equipment which is available in simple, automated and modern systems. They provide cost effective data with evidence to minimize unnecessary work. The team conducts wide range of drug level test in blood that involves in monitoring antibiotics. The tests also focus on cholesterol levels and also triglyceride levels.

Based on test, analysis is performed to determine the diagnosis in our private hospital. The bio chemistry lab will yield useful information to clinics to achieve quality manual. The team in the lab will go with the advice of the doctors and perform test and give analyzed report for further treatment. All equipments are made out of materials which are very strong and reliable and made for perfect usage in testing.

Our medical center performs wide variety of bio chemical tests to determine simple to complicated problems. In Biochemistry Laboratory Test centre services are offered by technical and scientific expertise to all individuals of any age and to any diseases. The staffs are specialized and develop unique laboratory testing methods. The center can be reached easily through any mode of transport near you. The team is completely responsible for investing and diagnosing the illness of the patient with immediate action.

Biochemistry Lab Services in Muscat Oman
Biochemistry Lab Tests Center in Muscat Oman