General Practitioner (GP)

Best General Practitioner in Muscat Oman

General Practitioner (GP)

The Department of General Practitioner (GP) at Green Apple Medical Center treats all patients with common ailments and other medical services in emergency. The best doctors focus on health of the person physically and psychologically. They offer top routine health care and treat many conditions both illness and injuries.

The responsibilities taken care by General Practitioner (GP) are:

  • Consultation by patients without surgery.
  • Minor surgery.
  • Health education.
  • Physical examinations.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of illness.

We are the best General Practitioner (GP) in Muscat Oman. They are trained to treat patients of any age and provide preventive care to the patients. The GP prescribes therapy, medication, vaccination and other measures to treat disease and injury.

Key skills that General Practitioner acquire in our care center :

  • They should work for long hours under pressure.
  • Require good communication skill.
  • Ability to give solution to problems.
  • Patience to attend the patients effectively.

General Practitioners in our medical center are instructed to attend the patient immediately and offer first aid before the surgery. They also involve in surgery in operation theatre. They assist the surgeons in case of emergencies. GP deals the patients skillfully with better services. Patients can visit them for regular check up and follow ups. They treat the patients till the disease is under control or completely cured. Department of GP’s at our clinics are experts who are most trusted in our center.

Our Private hospital is known for top General Medical Practitioners to treat all common medical conditions. They focus on patient’s physical and mental health. They are experts in the field of medicine and medical procedures. They decide the treatment based on the test and diagnosis relevant for particular diseases.

The GP keep track of all your records in a system. The cost of the consultants is affordable to the patients. They visit the General Practitioner and see more improvements in their health. When you search for best General Practitioner specialist near me you find us who recommend effective therapy for the serious conditions including injuries and diseases.

Best General Medical Practitioner in Muscat Oman
General Practitioners in Muscat Oman