Dental Care Center

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Dental Care Center

Dental Care Service at Green Apple Medical Center is responsible for offering dental care within the center with all modern technologies and equipment available with us. The experts are aimed to provide long term solutions by fixing all kinds of dental problems. The dentist manages overall health care needs including root canals, fillings, and bridges, also educate people how to maintain both teeth and gums. The treatment involves restoration, scaling, extraction and cleaning.

The procedure in our Dental Care Clinic includes :

  • Bonding - repair teeth that is decayed
  • Gum surgery
  • Oral cancer examination
  • Sealants
  • Teeth whitening

We are best Dental Care Center in Muscat, Oman also known for cosmetic surgeries, orthodontic surgeries. Latest methods are applied in our care center to cure any dental problems. Our mission is also to provide finest and best dental care to children. We teach them how to care of their teeth and brushing methods.

The dentists in our clinics are well qualified in their profession and are obligated to adhere to a high standard of dental care. Specialized equipment and materials are used in dental treatment. We also have dental x-ray and scan facility at our center to render perform scans of teeth, upper and lower jaws.

  • Cross - section
  • Panoromic 2D and 3D reconstruction
  • Axial

We recommend top treatment for your dental problem. Medicine and regular follow ups are suggested after diagnosis the disease caused in the teeth. The doctors involved in surgeries are specialists in their job. The treatment is offered with the instruments which is highly technically.

Our medical center staff also helps dental surgeons in the operation room. The dental services are to general public at reasonable price. You can contact our consultants as you can find our when you search for best dental care near me in Muscat Oman, later by taking appointment directly or through phone and avail our treatment for nearest family dental care at lowest prices

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