Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Automated Biochemistry Analyzer

Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

At our center we use auto analyzer which is the instrument designed to measure chemicals or other biological samples with minimal human assistance.

There are 3 procedures in usage :

  • Manual Analyzers
  • Semi Automated Analyzers
  • Fully Automated Analyzers

It is the instrument used to produce report of blood and urine samples to find out cholesterol, sugar, and protein level in the body. The Auto Biochemistry Analyzer Test in Muscat Oman will be performed on regular basis to check the deficiency or to diagnose the disease and treat the patient with right medicines.

Further the automated analyzer is used to conduct chemical reactions on sample which is in the form of solid, gas and liquid. Automation of few steps depends on the needs of the resources. They are also used in the determination of certain metabolites, electrolytes, drugs, proteins and other body fluids.

Hematology analyzer helps in counting platelets in blood and gives information of hemoglobin and Hematocrit (Hct) levels. It applies the electronic equipment to collect data of the magnetic field of human cells for more analysis.

The activities that auto biochemistry analyzer deals with are :

  • Sample analysis.
  • Quality check.
  • Identifying the deficiency.
  • Report preparation.
  • Perfect team members are placed to operate the auto analyzer for faster and perfect work to speed up the treatment for particular patient.

    Auto Biochemistry Analyzer in Muscat Oman
    Auto Biochemistry Analyzer Test in Muscat Oman